ECO4 Funded

You may qualify for a grant of up to 100% of the cost of a NEW Heating System through ECO4


ECO4 stands for the Energy Company Obligation (Fourth Iteration).

The scheme is set up by the Government, which takes some of the profits from leading Energy Companies and returns them back to UK Households, to lower both their annual heating bills, and their carbon emissions.

Government Targets

The UK Government has a target to reach in terms of reducing Carbon Emissions by 2050, and so it’s set quotas for the Energy Companies to reach.

This means that companies such as British Gas, Scottish Power, EON, SSE etc. are all obligated to pay some of their profits back into UK Homes to cover energy efficiency measures, as well as renewables (air source heat pumps and solar pv installations) and boiler upgrades.


As energy prices continue to rise, and the UK is suffering a cost-of-living crisis, now is a great time to let us help you lower your energy bills whilst upgrading your homes heating and insulation provision. The scheme is funded, and in most cases the costs are fully covered *subject to status and assessment.

UK Homeowners and Privately Rented Tenants should check their eligibility for a grant towards the cost of an upgrade to their existing heating system.

Check if you qualify for ECO4 Funding

If you answer yes to all 3 stages, then you will qualify for a grant to improve your heating system, and it may be for 100% of the cost.
If not, you may still qualify for support through ECO4 LA Flex


Does your home currently have?

Electric Storage Heaters/Electric Boiler,
Oil Heating,
Bottled LPG Heating,
Non-Condensing Gas Boiler/Back Boiler (installed pre 2005),
Solid Fossil Fuel,
No Central Heating,

If you answer yes to any of the above, please check the qualifying criteria in Stage 2


Property Eligibility Check your EPC

Tenure Qualifying EPC Bands
Owner Occupied EPC Bands D, E, F & G
Privately Rented EPC Bands E, F & G

If you don’t have a current EPC, we can arrange to get one done for you, there will be a small charge for this service.
If you meet the EPC criteria, please go to Stage 3


Benefit Eligibility
Does anyone resident at the property receive any of the following

a) Child Benefit *
b) Pension Guarantee Credit
c) Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
d) Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
e) Income Support
f) Tax Credits (Child Tax Credits and Working Tax Credits)
g) Universal Credit (UC)
h) Pension Credit Savings Credit – NEW
i) Housing Benefit – NEW

* New Child Benefit income thresholds

Type of claimant Number of Children or qualifying young persons
1 2 3 4
Single £19,900 £24,800 £29,600 £34,500
Couple £27,500 £32,300 £37,200 £42,000