Hybrid Heat Pump Solutions

Combining traditional heating with renewable heating for greater efficiency

A hybrid (or dual fuel) heating system combines a traditional gas or oil boiler (fossil fuel heating) with a green / renewable heating system such as a air source heat pump. Therefore Hybrid heating packages bring together two different heating technologies and combines them into one simple operating system. Hybrid solutions allow heat to be restored to a property quickly (by fitting the high efficiency oil or gas boiler as a stand-alone unit first) before making the necessary adjustments to the system and radiators to accommodate the heat pump (which can be installed afterwards).

So What is it?

A hybrid heat pump system uses a combination of renewable energy and fossil fuels to heat your property. One component is the heat pump (ASHP or GSHP), and the other is your traditional gas, oil, or LPG heating. This hybrid system is unique, because there are two key components working together to maintain efficiency all year round.

Hybrid heating systems are the natural next step for the heating industry as the government strives to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels such as oil, coal, LPG and gas.

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What’s the Benefits

A hybrid heat pump system is designed to suit your heating needs, whilst simultaneously cutting your energy use and utility bills. The key benefit for a hybrid system is its efficiency. The system switches between renewable and fossil fuel, intuitively choosing the technology that is most efficient at any given time.

Longevity is also a benefit. By the nature of a hybrid system, both your renewable system and the traditional system won’t need to work so hard.

As a result, maintenance is simple and the hybrid setup ensures that your heating solution doesn’t get tired, inefficient or prone to breakdown. In general, heat pumps have great longevity. A combination of a heat pump and a traditional system will also ensure that each is in better health for annual servicing.

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Government Study

Don’t just take our word for it Take a look at the Government’s report on the performance and costs of hybrid heat pumps, as well as the potential impact of innovation.

As part of wider research and to advance the understanding of the potential role of hybrid heat pump (HHP) systems in the UK’s long-term decarbonisation (identifying key opportunities where HHP systems could offer improvements of domestic heat), the study combines: Carbon emissions intensity of heating / Cost-effectiveness and the impact on the wider energy system.

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With a Hybrid Heat Pump that automatically switches to the most efficient energy source at any given time

For homes looking to replace their boiler with a more energy efficient and greener solution, a hybrid system ticks all the boxes. Designed to maximise energy efficiency by intuitively switching between the most effective heating modes, whether that be the heat pump operating only, the oil boiler operating only or a combination of both (depending on the temperature demands or requirements).

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