Even the Queen thinks we need to do more!

Even the Queen thinks we need to do more! Her Majesty was overheard today saying that the world’s leaders say a lot but don’t do very much. It is good to know that our monarch appears to agree with many of us in the industry that if we are going to actually have a chance of tackling the global climate crisis then the time for talking is over and the time for action is definitely here. Let’s hope that her words will galvanise the decision makers to take a serious look at how they help all of us to achieve the targets the government is bound by law to achieve. This will hopefully result in better and more significant grants for home owners and landlords, incentives for house builders to build greener homes and investment in eco-friendly technology. Watch this space, keep your eyes on the news and the upcoming COP 26 in Glasgow. If the Queen is on our side then we think our team just got stronger.